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Five SEO techniques that you should stop using for best optimization

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At the time of optimizing your website you must be careful. The techniques that used to be impact full can cause you penalty now. The techniques that were not so effective are now somewhat imperative.

With changing time we need to keep in mind what works and what is not useful. Here are a few points that can affect your website negatively.

Spammy Guest Blogging

Guest Post

Guest blogging has been the strong base for SEO’s and content schemers. Justifiable guest blogging is there, and also there is spammy guest blogging. It is recommended that you do it ethically in a proper way for improving brand awareness and creating author rank.

Optimization of Anchors

Anchor Text

 Using anchor text with the key words showed good results previously but it is not the same now. Using the complete key word in the anchor text creates suspicion for Google and can cause penalty.

Adding more and more backlinks


Valuing quantity over quality is a wrong process. Adding number of links to your website in order to rank well on the search engine is not effective any more. Purchasing links for your website is easy but cheap way and adding links that are irrelevant to the theme of the site only has bad affect. The value of backlink depends on authority and validity of the site, which is added.

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