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Why Should You Emphasize Responsive Web Design For Your Business Website?

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As it comes to web designing, responsive web designs are latest in trend. They are good for developers, designers, businesses and of course, users. Let’s have a look at the key benefits of choosing a responsive web design for the official website of your company.

More traffic through mobile – Over 50% of the traffic of the most prominent business websites comes from mobile devices. So it is absolutely important that you have a website to be rendered well even on small screens eliminating any chance of distorted image or sub-optimal site layout. Though many businesses design a separate version of the site for mobile users, most prefer responsive ones for a better experience and greater versatility without costing an arm and a leg.

Lower maintenance costs and needs – Maintaining a separate website for the mobile users is a costlier proposition. On the other hand, responsive websites are designed using trusted methodologies ensuring optimal layout irrespective of the size of the screen. Also, having separate mobile and desktop sites will require you to have two different content strategies as well as different administrative interfaces and design teams. But responsive designs come with a ‘one size fits all’ approach ensuring less headache for you as well as your users. Since you don’t have to spend more time on maintenance, you can use the saved time on some core business jobs like marketing.

Faster development for less – Making a responsive website takes less time than that of a standalone mobile site along with a conventional desktop website. And as you know, time is money. So responsive website built by a reputed web design company in Kolkata automatically costs less than its alternative. Though the initial cost of developing a responsive site is a bit more, you can save in the long run owing to maintenance expenses, special configuration costs and a lot more of a site with two separate versions.

Low bounce rate – A perfectly optimized responsive mobile site ensures better user experience for the users. Thus, it is quite obvious that they’ll prefer to stick around to that site for longer and explore every area of the site. On the other hand, if the site is not responsive, it will be difficult for you to keep the visitors engaged and therefore, the bounce rate will be greater.

Better conversion rate – Improving bounce rate is just winning half of the battle. For the rest, you need to create better and consistent user experience across the devices and then only you can convert new customers. If a user is making a decision whether or not to pay for any subscription, he doesn’t need to be redirected to a device-specific site as the process is time-consuming. With a single secure responsive professional-looking site that works with same efficacy on all the platforms, you can expect better user experience.

This is just the beginning. With a responsive web design for your website, you can explore many more benefits that you can’t get to a conventional device-specific site. There are a number of reputed web design services in Kolkata that can help you build such a site for your business. So don’t waste your time; get connected to them and initiate the process.