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Factors that Differentiates Search Ads from Display Ads

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If you are an advertiser with a specific focus on the digital realm, you may have to use different ways of advertisement. Using the most suitable ad format for a campaign is crucial. Along with furnishing better results, the choice can save you a considerable amount from the total ad budget.

The Primary Options in Online Marketing

When it comes to online marketing, you have two primary choices. You have to select one among search ads and display ads. These are very different in characteristics from one another. As a digital advertiser, it is crucial for you to know all the factors of these available options so that you can use them in various projects.

Difference Between Search Ads and Display Ads

A detailed comparison between the two forms of digital ads is discussed here. These points will help you gain more information and implement the best option for your projects.

  • Traffic Creation: The primary function of search-based ads is to create organic traffic. This matches the requirements of clients who cannot depend solely on SEO for traffic generation. Search ads are known to bring people directly to their desired solution, making it an effective short-term advertising strategy. On the other hand, the primary function of display ads is to create awareness among the desired audience. It is more effective for customers to research options with a passive intent.


  • Quality Lead Generation: Search-based ads use keywords that match the service or product. This helps bring a group of audience specifically looking for the service or the commodity. On the other hand, display ads are effective in creating a demand for the product or service. It is popularly used to inform people about a certain brand.


  • Sales Cycle: This refers to the period for which you want to promote your brand online. Search-based ads work like magic for a shorter sales cycle. However, display ads are the best option if you are up for a bigger game and want your brand to be around in the digital realm for longer. It is, therefore, the primary option for high-end, large-expense businesses. This includes car manufacturers, software services and educational institutions.


These are a few comparative factors between search ads and display ads that you should know. Implementing the right kind of ad campaign can offer effective results and a successful ad campaign. If you are looking for a service provider offering both types of advertisement, consult Lee & Nee Softwares (Exports) Ltd. We are a well-known agency based in Kolkata, and we have an expert team who can guide you in the online marketing realm. For more information, you can contact us today.