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Google Maps Updated! Avail Offline Feature, Ride Service Option

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A big relief for all those trying to save on mobile data and even to those suffering from ‘networklessness’ – Google has updated its flagship Google Maps for Android. It’s hardly a month since its previous update and the tech giant is already on a spree to bring it up to code.

Wi-Fi Only – Get Directions Sans Service.

Of the two big new features, the first is the ‘Wi-Fi only’ mode. It will restrict the app to offline files when mobile data plan is limited or dear and even when service isn’t available or spotty. This mode can be accessed via the app menu and activated / deactivated with ease.

The make things even better, Google Maps will allow you to save offline files to the external storage of your phone rather than its internal memory. This suggests more data saving on your phone without chewing on its storage capacity.

Google map new feature

International Ride Service Listing – A Level Up

The second update is the introduction of an upped version of international ride-service listings – one with more companies from across the globe. You can now compare ride rates in different countries.  As of now, the features will remain accessible for Android users alone. Updates are due for iOS devices, however.

People will have access to Uber, Go-JEK, and Grab ride information in Indonesia. Also, Grab rates will be available for numerous cities of Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, and Thailand, too. This apart, Gett, Hailo and MyTaxi will be accessible in Poland, Ireland, Austria, Italy, Israel and Russia.

Google map update

Your Travel Eased A Tad More

The two updates are going to be useful if…

  • You’re travelling in a place with a mobile data plan that’s way too expensive.
  • The area is deficient in service or has spotty service.
  • You want to save on data and battery, or use other apps.
  • Your phone is running out of internal storage.
  • You need a one-stop to compare ride rates.


What’s Coming In The Future?

This is not the end of story. In its next update, Google Maps might just show some more incredibility, showing you free parking spots, parking availability, and more. The parking feature is currently in its beta version and Google hasn’t revealed anything about how it is going to access availability.


For Motorists, This Is Like a Dream Come True

All those tech-savvy motorists out there, who like to be reliant on whatever Google Maps direct, the update has come like a huge blessing. No more waiting for the directions to load while you keep wondering which route to take.

No more battling for hunting for ride rates in multiple apps or struggling with navigating around a foreign country. And very soon, it’s going to dismiss issues with finding free parking placed as well.


Indeed, Google Maps is seriously making life a lot simpler, just like it says – spend more time living and less time figuring out how to get places.’ Welcome, change!