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How Can University Management Software Simplify the Admission Process

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Admission is a vital procedure for a large educational institution like a University. Every year, many students get enrolled in a University. The admission procedure is an elaborate process. It includes a lot of paperwork. All these are nearly impossible to manage only with manual efforts.

The Popularity of ERP in Educational Institutes:

To ease the pressure, many Universities, as well as Colleges, opt to switch to ERP. It can simplify collecting and storing each student’s data in a secure inventory. In addition to that, you may get quality assistance in marketing, promotion and inquiry generation.

Vital Functions Performed by University Management Software:

For all these reasons, you may see popularity in University management software in India. Below, you can find an in-depth study about how the ERP can help your institute in the admission process.

1. Sales and Purchase of Admission Forms: An admission form is a gateway to enrol in the University. The students may be familiar with the usual scene of admission form sales in the account section of the University. ERP acts as a single window where the students can get hold of the admission forms. They can complete the payment through a secured gateway and fill out the admission form.

2. Record Management: This is a basic function offered by a University ERP System. Consider it as a single platform that can hold all kinds of records. You can access all the information on this online inventory. It includes the application number to the Details of each student. You can download a certain application form and submit it to management later.

3. Promotion and Media Management: A complete promotional campaign is a vital need during the admission. The ERP System can help to manage and plan the whole strategy. It can also perform the work by utilising monetary and human resources.

4. Inquiry Management: This is the process that happens after the marketing campaign gets live. The marketing team remains on their toes to keep track of the inquiries and successful conversion of leads. ERP can perform all these tasks effectively and increase a particular campaign’s success.

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