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Top Features That Should be Present in ERP for Universities

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A University is a large inventory that can sometimes be challenging to control. An individual can find it difficult to maintain the management tasks all on their own. Apart from student enrolment and monthly payment of fees, one has to take care of several other things in a large academic institution like this.

Why ERP?

To simplify the seemingly difficult managerial tasks, many colleges and universities use ERP. It is an automated software system that can store, manage and analyse a large amount of data. The system can maintain interdepartmental communication and usher in transparency in day to day works.

Must-Have Add-ons in ERP for Universities:

ERP for Universities can be helpful for students and teaching staff. It can be integrated with several features to streamline higher education. In this blog, we talk about the must-have features that every University ERP system should possess.

1. Schedule Management: Managing the daily timetable is an important task for the teaching staff. The ERP System can perform this task with zero hassles. This suits the purpose of the teachers as well as the students. Sometimes, maintaining the perfect schedule can be a daunting task. There are also chances of overlapping schedules. ERP eliminates the chance of all these issues.

2. Exam Management: Exams are a regular phenomenon in an educational institution. When it comes to Universities, the spectrum is large and varied. One must ensure that there are no problems in conducting the whole process. This goal can be achieved when a University uses an automated system like ERP. From scheduling and storing question papers to preparing a merit list, ERP can help in various aspects.

3. Accounts Management: It is an important task to look after the timely payment of fees and keep them in account records. If it’s totally done via human efforts, then there are chances of inaccuracy and confusion. However, with the help of University ERP, one can remain sure of quality work every time. It can also help in monitoring and supervising the paid fees.

4. Student Performance Monitoring: A University ERP system does not always cater to the needs of the teachers and students. It fulfils the needs and queries of the parents as well. A parent might be interested in their ward’s performance in the College or University. Through the Performance Monitoring feature, they can check and monitor them effectively.

These are the top features that should be integrated with a University ERP system. To get assistance in ERP from a professional source, one can consult Lee and Nee Softwares (Exports) Ltd. We can provide you with fully integrated University Management software in India. Our reputation as a software service company is well known. For any queries, you can call us or visit our website.