Whizhack Technologies – Online Cyber Security Training Institute India

Industry: IT

Whizhack Technologies is a Cyber Security Innovation enterprise. The organization was formed with the aim to provide best in class portfolio for cyber security in India.
They provide Cyber security products for small and a large enterprises to diagnose Empower and prevent cyber attack. Their mission is to create a pipeline of cyber security products and a team of empowered manpower that can drive sustainable innovation in securing digital assets of tomorrow.
They also provide complete courses for cyber security. Their aim is to qualify talent from the country to provide cyber security. They provide certification courses from IITJ Bootcamp Dual Certification from IIT Jodhpur and ThriveDX, Israel. They also provide a special course for teenagers in the domain of cyber security.

Time Period- 12 months

Started from April-2021(currently ongoing)

Marketing Objectives/Challenges

  • Branding, reach and visibility
  • SEO rank improvement (Organic)
  • Website traffic generation (Online Traffic)
  • Lead generation
  • Paid SMO Campaigns

Our Role

Whizhack Technologies wanted us to generate quality leads from the targeted customers and to improve the ROI. So we went ahead and crafted the online campaigns of SEO, SMO and PPC. We executed Ad campaigns across all platfporms:  Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Youtube Ads. These campaigns were closely optimized to get the best results. We helped them gather relevant leads which helped them increase their sales, multifold.
We had remarketed the lost audience via different marketing platforms. We have channelised our best marketing methods to generate prospective customers via market segmentation and data analysing.

Digital Marketing Channels Used

  • SEO (Google Organic)
  • Paid Ads (Google + Facebook+ Linkedln+ Instagram+ Youtube)
  • Social Media (Facebook + Instagram+Twitter+Linkedln)
  • Content Marketing (Blogs, Quora, Third Party Articles)
  • YouTube Optimisation


Our Digital Marketing campaign significantly increased Whizhack Technologies brand recognition & improved SEO keyword’s ranking and online traffic and Facebook followers.

  • Ranking : 95% keywords are ranked on the 1st and 2nd page of SERPs.
  • Leads : Recieved multiple  leads through the various  campaings  (2966)
  • PPC campaigns : 1290 , facebook ads 242, teenager campaign: instagram leads: 1278 , facebook leads 156 
  •  Page Views: We received good number of  views on the website. ( Page Views: 46,868)
  • Click: We received good clicks thorugh PPC.(Clicks: 3,881/month)
  • Traffic: We increased good number of traffic through online campaigns. (Users: 9,498)

Time Period : April 2021- Currently Ongoing

Keyword Ranking (SEO)

Website Leads Report

Website Traffic Performance

Search Console Performance

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