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Why Blogs on Subdomains Will Hamper Your SEO Work

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Whether you have launched a new website for your company or having a webpage for a considerably long period of time, you must be aware of certain things that will add value to your site. One of the effective strategies through which you can increase the traffic in your website is by not keeping blogs on the subdomains (such as blog.lnsel.com).

Subdomains and subdirectories

Subdomains are considered as separate sites:

As your company site and your blog are likely to be two separate sites, stowing your blogs in the subdomains will limit the SEO power of your venture, thereby not allowing you to amass more traffic. By not keeping your blogs in your main site, you will not only lose numbers of potential visitors, but it will also affect your ranking in a bad manner. An integrated website will enable Google to see the main site and your blog(such as lnsel.com/blog/) as one, thereby reinforcing the power of both. Also, if your main aim is to create a strong website that gets a good ranking, a subdomain blog will do no good to you.

Blogs on subdomains will not get counted:

The fact that with subdomains, the posts of your webpage get featured on a separate website causes numbers of difficulties and the main problem would be like the contents in your page will not contribute as the major ranking aspect for your main site. As it’s a common fact that the more pages your website has to catalogue, the greater will be the chance for it to be ranked by Google, keeping blogs on subdomains actually makes no sense. Also, because Google is highly fond of content-rich sites, it’s always suggested not to put blogs on subdomains.

Contents on subdomains will make you have two websites at the same time:

Also, as any subdomain link will not add value to your main site, subdomain blogs will do nothing other than hampering the traffic in your website. Stacking your blogs on subdomains not only creates additional hassles to your work, but also increases your cost too. Apart from paying for the same, you will then also have competed with yourself, as you will then have two different web pages.

Thus, it’s always suggested to post blogs only in your main website, as apart from strengthening your website, it will also help you get a large amount of traffic for your site.