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You’ve launched Your Website. What’s next?

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Are you looking for the solution of your less traffic at the website? Do you desire to increase the footfall of the online population? Are you looking for the idea of doing next things after launching your website? Then take an intrigued look at this article to get a proper idea about the next steps which are crucial to keep an imprint in the web world.

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Complete all the pre-launch tasks before making your website available for the people. It is being said that the first impression is the last impression. So you must make it clear to keep your visitors engaged in the website or make them comeback at the later times. Otherwise the impression will not improve in anyway.

Check the following issues to get the answer of what’s next

  • Check for any operational related issues and solve them.
  • Check if the robots file are working or not, if it is blocking unwanted sites.
  • Check if the accounts of Bing or Google webmaster tools are upgraded or not.
  • Do you think that key Meta data is absent, copied or providing fixed value?
  • Check if your GA account is reporting the traffic related data in a corrective way.
  • Are you clueless about the problems due to unwanted default settings post launch?
  • Do you feel the need to fix the additional site speed issues to improve the user’s
  • Check if you have completed the recording of transactions or goals or events in your GA account? Are they tested by you?

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  • Do you want to remove the undesirable code from your website?
  • Is 302 redirection is been in use instead of 301?
  • Check if the header status of your customer’s 404 pages is correct.
  • Have you promoted the site to the customers, staffs and other range of audiences?
  • Check if the old page is removed from the search index or not. Can you locate any unwanted orphaned pages?
  • Check and find out the areas of your website which have underperformed
  • Gather post launch data
  • Check if the clicks on the site are on the business returns section. Look for the end result.

These are the questions and areas one must check after the launching of the website. Contents updating and website maintenance should be carried out regularly to keep a firm flow of the visitors for business gains. Keep a sight back-up immediately after launching for maintenance related works. It will be beneficial at the later times.


There are many who do not have any idea about the maintenance and updating related works of the website. They want to launch their own and desire a team of experts to manage on their behalf. The demand in this area has infused a sudden rise of the places offering quality guide with definite outcome. One needs to acquire the service of one professional place to get all.