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Time to enhance your knowledge about cloud technology’s interoperability & portability

Portability and interoperability are two of the most common terms you will definitely hear if you run or associated with a business using cloud technology. These business-centric technical terms help a great deal in determining whether the cloud solution you are opting for is portable or interoperable. Both of these terms are important for the success of a business, irrespective of its size. These days, it has become essential for every business owner to enhance their knowledge about these concepts before they move their business to a cloud-based solution and choose a reliable cloud vendor.

The Importance of Cloud Interoperability

Broadly, it is a method through which systems swap information among themselves and use those to understand various data formats, APIs and configuration. Business owners can easily switch from one service to another when APIs are exchanged and interoperability is built properly. It means that if the rate of your cloud service is high on interoperability and you are not satisfied with the service, you can always shift to a new vendor. Your existing vendor can’t lock-in vital business information and data of your organisation. This is one of the main reasons why the focus of every drive cloud vendor offers the best services at the most competitive prices.

The Importance of Cloud Portability

The system through which apps and data are transferred between various cloud systems is known as cloud portability. Business owners can move an application from the legacy system to the cloud using the cloud application portability.
Interoperability and app portability are completely two different terms as the former refers to the ability of the application to exchange vital data and information and use those.

Basic Questions to Ask Your Cloud Technology Vendor

• Are the application Software and data portable?
• Can we move our data and application to another cloud vendor in the future?
• What type of interoperability challenges I might face with the solution?
• If I plan to move the data later, will I have access to the API?

Important Tips to Choose the Right Vendor:
Consider Scalability: If you want to reap all the benefits of a cloud service, ensure that the one you are opting for is scalable. This will allow you to add or remove a features and functionality according to your business requirements in the future. In fact, the scalability of the cloud service you are opting for is one of the most important aspects you need to consider.

Opt For Agile Service: The easiest way to run your business efficiently and smoothly is by opting for agile cloud applications and services. This will give you the assurance that every project based on this system will be completed on time. Moving or porting data won’t delay your project irrespective of the application or service you want to use.
Since the knowledge about cloud technology’s interoperability and portability has enhanced, it’s time we start looking for a reliable vendor and reap all the benefits offered by the cloud-based system.

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