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How can SAP B1 assist you for a resilient financial year 2021?

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The crisis prevailing right now indicates that SMEs need to steer the business through a tumultuous phase. It won’t be wise to opt for a ‘wait and watch’ approach. Still, it would be better to redefine the business strategies, technology, operations and seize the opportunity from the present. SAP Business One is a full-suite ERP solution for SMEs to help them manage their finances with an entire range of financial and accounting tools.  It can automate the day-to-day accounting tasks and create real-time integration between business processes and financial operations. This visibly improves cash flows and speed up the transactions.

Finance and Accounting Applications for SAP Business One

  • Journal Entry
  • Journal Voucher
  • Recurring Templates
  • Posting Templates
  • Financial Report Template
  • Reverse Transactions
  • Recurring Postings
  • Posting Templates
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Edit Chart of Accounts
  • Bank statement Processing
  • Bank Statement Processing
  • Internal Reconciliation/Accounts Reconciliation
  • External reconciliation
  • Payment Wizard
  • Outgoing Payments
  • Incoming payments
  • Cost accounting
  • Budget management
  • Financial Statement

Thus, these applications make finance control an easier option no doubt. Let’s see how businesses reap advantages by implementing the accounting and financial module.

Streamlined Financial Operations: A single solution to automate, integrate, and manage all the financial procedures and to prevent all erroneous and duplicate entries.

Quicker Closing Process:  Financial information is accessed at a faster pace in an accurate and timely manner.  Hence, books are closed quickly without much hassle.

Even the best strategy fails without the right resources. So, the business must nurture a vision of digital transformation. This will help the company move forward in this competitive, digital era. It will also be an effective means to have a resilient financial scene in 2021.

To know more about the accounting and financial module of SAP Business One get in touch with Lnsel. Our experts will guide you at every step during the implementation and help solve the queries post the implementation of the software.