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Know Your Responsibility Before Your Website Goes Live

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Though revamping an existing website or building a new one isn’t a daunting task with the right web development company by your side, there are a few tasks you need to undertake before your site goes live. A business website does not only represent your brand in the digital world but also determines how your potential clients feel about your company.

The prime focus of every business owner should be on developing a site which doesn’t leave a negative impact on your online visitors. The easiest way to ensure the usability, performance, security and functionality of your website is by following a checklist before it goes live.

Website Going Live? Follow The Checklist Stated Below

  • Image Optimisation

A vital reason why the images on your website are important is because they make the site appealing and helps to draw the attention of online visitors. Unless the developer you have approached knows how to optimise the images, the loading speed of the site can reduce drastically. Not everyone designing the site is aware of the fact that Google considers its loading speed as a vital factor when determining its search rankings. This means that your site will lose both customer traffic and ranking if there are numerous heavy images.

  • Titles And Meta Description

Since the title at the top of a webpage describes it, it is the responsibility of the developer to check whether there is any duplicate meta description or title tag which can have a negative impact on the search rankings of your site. The title on each webpage should be unique and the meta description should be displayed by the search engines in such a way so that it can clearly describe the content of the page.

  • Functionality

Every website has some desired outcomes and so you need to check its various functionalities before it goes live. If an informational website has been developed, the contact form should be clearly displayed with all relevant inputs. As far as e-commerce websites are concerned, the shopping carts and payment gateways should be repeatedly examined for seamless functioning.

  • Mobile Responsive

Unless the website which is going live is mobile responsive, gathering the desired customer traffic will become a challenge for you. You need to ensure that the site has been optimised for mobile viewing at different screen resolutions and across various mobile platforms like Windows, Android and iOS. A mobile-friendly site will improve its visual appeal and determine how it will look on various devices.

  • Copyright Issues

Don’t forget to review the website for copyright issues before it goes live. There should not be any image or text on the site which can lead to copyright infringement issues. Use reliable plagiarism checker programs available online to check the text minutely before providing it to the team. Even the images you are using should be original. They can either be developed in-house or stock images can be taken from different image libraries.

Since you are now aware of the tasks you need to undertake before your website goes live, it’s time you look for a reliable company offering web services and let them shoulder this responsibility.