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The Beginner’s Complete Guide To App Store Optimisation (ASO)

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Do you wish to make your business stand out in a crowded field of competitors? Are you on the lookout for effective ways to get your app rank high in an app store search? Using App Store Optimisation (ASO) strategies for Google Play & iOS App Store can be the key to your success!

With the development of Google’s mobile-first index progression, AI and machine learning, App Store Optimisation has somewhat been overlooked lately. But, more and more mobile marketers are now realising the importance of ASO to rank mobile apps highly and be seen by more prospective users. Even if you are new to ASO and do not have a budget which can be dedicated to it, this marketing strategy can increase your app downloads in just a matter of few days.

Check out the comprehensive guide below to learn everything you need to know about ASO!

About App Store Optimization

App store optimisation (ASO) is the constant process of improving a mobile app’s discoverability and rank in the app stores. The higher ranks your app has in the search results, the more visible it is to prospective users. It is the process of optimising a mobile app for maximising its visibility in the Google Play Store and Apple Play Store. ASO is a never-ending process which consists of three elements like-

  • Keyword research & optimisation
  • Conversion rate optimisation & A/B testing
  • Tracking & improving

In short, app store optimisation involves tweaking and updating the mobile app’s page constantly on all app stores. This helps in ranking the apps as high as possible and being seen by target users.

Importance Of ASO As A Marketing Strategy

With the availability of more than 2 million apps on the popular app stores, getting your application in front of the users can be difficult. As per studies, even a simple app store search can drive an astounding 67% of app downloads. This makes search within the major app stores the most common method for finding out and downloading new apps.

But, if the app store page is not optimised, it will fail to appear in several relevant searches, making you lose numerous prospective downloads as a result. Thus, you need to put in efforts and spend some time on improving and updating your app store for reaping the benefits in the future. And, ASO can help you ensure your app gets seen in the App Store and even strengthen other marketing efforts.

Key Benefits Of App Store Optimization

  1. Gets The App In Front Of Relevant Users

Having your app noticed by people who aren’t even seeking it is useless and this is where ASO comes to rescue. App store optimisation helps you use the same keyword which your target people search for.

  1. Increased Revenue

Be it from in-app purchases, subscriptions or ads, ASO can benefit you hugely if you monetise your app in any way. You will be able to earn increased revenues from every extra download!

  1. Stability

Increased revenue and extra downloads provide apps with a much more stable future. With regular tweaks and continuous efforts of your store page, you can keep the organic downloads coming in constantly. This will maintain your rank in the search results of app stores.

Time to use ASO and escalate your business to new heights!