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Why Is Page Speed Crucial For SEO Success In 2024?

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The website page loading speed plays a crucial role and directly affects the SEO,  User experience and conversion rates.  Hence, having faster-loading web pages is becoming essential for every website. When a web page loads faster, it creates a positive user experience. If you are still unsure about web page loading speed or how to check it,  contact professional SEO consultants in Kolkata who can help you optimise your website’s loading speed.

What is website page speed?

In layman’s words,  page load speed is the amount of time it takes for a page on your website to load. It is measured in different ways.  Time to first-byte measurement checks the length of time. TTI, or time to interactive measurement, checks the loading time of the interactive elements. Using TTI, it is checked whether Javascript is slowing down the website.

FCP, or first contentful paint, measures the time taken by the first content element to load on the website. This content can be text or an image.  The load time measurement measures the complete time taken for the whole page and its elements to load.

Importance of page speed for SEO ranking

According to the best SEO in Kolkata, the ideal page speed should be 2 seconds or less. If the paid speed is more than two seconds, then it needs to be fixed to improve the SEO ranking.

Relation between site speed and SEO:

Search engines nowadays rate web pages according to their site speed.  Since SEO success depends mostly on the ranking of the search engine,  the site speed needs to be improved. Google doesn’t rank the sites with slow loading speeds at the top. Hence, even if your content, keyword links and other essential features are in place, your website might not rank because it is slow.

Relation between user experience and page speed:

User experience is another crucial factor for which page speed needs to be improved. If a website page takes more than two seconds to load, the viewer is likely to move on to the next one.

Loading speed thus directly affects a website’s conversion rate. Even if the whole page is unable to load within 2 seconds, to ensure a positive User experience, the interactive elements and the content should start loading and retain the viewer on the page.

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